George Bucher was born in 1911 and spent most of his life in Sunbury. He became interested in art at an early age and his father set up a small studio in which the young boy could work. Without any formal training, he developed his own style of painting, creating shimmering, vibrant layers of color and light which draws the viewer into the very heart of the painting.

In 1945 he began teaching drawing and painting at the Sunbury Arts Association and later became Director of Arts at the Sunbury Youth and Community Center at 135 Market St. He was instrumental in forming the Sunbury Brush and Palette Club and later the Studio Workshop. He also taught inmates at Lewisburg Penitentiary and in his later years continued giving lessons from his home studio on Edison Ave.

Countless area residents of all ages took lessons from him and he often took his students 'on location' to the surrounding countryside to paint from life. Many of his paintings and drawings are of local farms and scenery that reflect the beauty of the area and evoke feelings of both familiarity and peacefullness. These include Tedd's Landing, Kratzerville, New Berlin, Hegins, Tall Timbers, Plum Creek, RB Winter Park, Kreamer, Buffalo Creek, Oaklyn and many more. Sunbury is represented as well in "Gas House Row", "Keithan's Gardens" and "Sunbury Ruins". While most of his work is done in oils on masonite he also employed other media including pen and ink, acrylics and watercolors. In the 1960's he did a series of etchings on sheets of aluminum painted in acrylics for the Reynolds Aluminum Co. of Richmond, Virginia. These striking examples of modern art convey a rich symbolism that George often used in his work and reveal the depth of his artistic talent. His work also includes Nudes, Abstracts, and Modern Art. His paintings have been exhibited in public and private shows in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, and can be found in many prominent homes in the area.

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