About M Hart. Pottery

M Hart Pottery Since 1973, husband and wife Michael and Mary have been creating their own pottery. Located on a farm in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, M Hart Pottery produces functional and decorative stoneware and redware. Michael hand-throws bowls, crocks, tumblers and other shapes on a potters’ wheel using traditional methods and also collaborates with his wife, Mary, who sculpts faces and other designs into his hand-thrown vases and jugs. Mary makes many one of a kind pieces including vases, masks, and lapel pins.

M. Hart Pottery also makes commemorative pieces for community groups and organizations. In the past, they have created beautiful, hand-thrown, inscribed, stoneware pottery for the Mahanoy and Mahantango Historical Society, Kiwanis, Sunbury River Festival, Herndon Centennial, the Rotary Club and many churches. These pieces not only celebrate special events in the life of the organization, but help to raise funds as well. Besides wholesale, M. Hart Pottery also makes single, personalized pieces for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, and any other special occasion you may have.

Over the years, M Hart Pottery has produced dozens of different reproductions, including Grueby and Teco vases, Chelsea Keramics Pitcher, and ancient artifacts from Egypt, Mexico, and Pre-Colombian America for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Brooklyn Museum. They have also designed original presentation pieces for the American Payroll Association, American Business Women’s Association, and independent customers.

Using a model taken from the original — or creating his own — Michael designs a master mold from which he can make production molds for slip casting. In order to replicate the finish, tests are taken on sample pieces. Different methods of glazing, finishing, and firing are tried until the sample is approved by the customer.

M Hart Pottery operates a store on the very same property as our various work shops. Here, you can browse through our entire inventory, including many of the one of a kind pieces which you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, we showcase the works of other local artists, such as the paintings of George W. Bucher (1911-1980). We hold various events throughout the year, such as open houses, demonstrations, and clearance sales, so check our website or any of the local newspapers for our upcoming events. We are also always open by appointment. Our store accepts Visa and Mastercard, as well as personal checks.